They had their first concert on October 4, 1982 in “Dadovo”, as an opening group for “The Fifties”, and the audience that was there witnessed the making of history, because what started then, thanks above all to Canet and Anton, continues today with the same energy and message. These days, the band “Partibrejkers” is celebrating 40 years of rock and roll, and a big Belgrade concert is scheduled for September 22 at the Fair.

– Large parking lot between the halls at the Fair, September 22, “Breakers”. Come to love each other, to say goodbye, to be together for a while. Only to be served by health and time. And the heroic heart is there. “Supernaut” will play in front of us and that’s it. Veliki Srdjan Đile Marković is our friend. This is a man who, when I was little, had a great influence on me. We played in “Radnička Kontrola”. Đile revealed to me that world of rock and roll, some initiation… – story for “Blic” Zoran Kostić Cane.

Although this is a band whose literally every song is “cult” for someone and can be listened to a hundred times and always understood in a new way, it is the concerts that give them new energy, new strength every time, but at the beginning of the conversation we check whether they will be some new song at the upcoming performance.

– Will not. Before corona, we did rehearsals, we have some things, but we just need to bring them to life, we need to make them beautiful, live and last over time, as well as these things we recorded before – explains Cane, who was very active with the band this summer.

– The first part of the tour was phenomenal, from May 23 to August 6. And then Anton got sick, contracted covid, so we had to cancel something, and a few days ago, after returning from the road, Misha, the bass player, got covid, so… It’s a crazy situation because nobody guarantees you anything. It’s a lottery all the time. Hazard – go forward, there is no going back – he emphasizes, and when asked if he can imagine life without touch and hugs, he says:

– Unnaturalness and insensitivity have been in nature for a long time… You hug who you love, you kiss who you want!

As it becomes more and more obvious that we live in a world of fear manipulation, the question arises whether it is natural for man to live in fear and not in love.

– Man is given to be afraid of thunder, storms, fire… These are primal fears. So that a man does not remain alone, so that he is not burned by loneliness. But the manipulation of fear, that’s not… They impose all kinds of things on us while they play with our minds. They rummage through our brains, robbing it all the time. So, we’ll see what happens, but there will always be an amount of healthy and normal light bearers in this darkness. It depends on how you choose, it depends on the level of personal courage. Now the fear is to cover up… as Milan Mladenović would say: “Lie and mimicry”. It’s all about adapting to a situation where you think you’ve gotten away with it. And then you see where you really are, that you’re nowhere, because of the strong tactics and procrastination – explains Cane.

Photo: Vladimir Šporčić / Tanjug

Zoran Kostić Cana

We return to music through conversation, and the question is whether he feels love for music with the same intensity today.

– Oh yes, we sound to the balls, we break it. Everything is totally okay. It’s the same for you as with life – the less you have, the more you love and defend it in front of everyone, so that it is not stolen by those who do not know the value of life, who do not value life. And then that relationship with the audience. You know, an audience that is delighted, not in the sense of idolatry, but in a genuine, human way, like: “You are great, you have improved our quality of life, given us some meaning, were with us when we thought everything had failed…” . These are great things, we see that nothing was in vain. We can also see from the generations that are coming, that is from 7 to 77. If I may be a little carried away – we are part of the heritage. Which is a big thing – he points out, and to the statement that it is a big thing and that in 40 years there is not a single song that he would be stupid to sing today and that they never pandered to the masses, but always did everything sincerely, he says:

– Well, you know what, our motive that drives us is love and truth. Simply, when we go on that stage, everything is forgotten. We confess to those people. Those people give us their hearts, and as we know – love never forgets.

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We remind you that “Breakers” started out as punk-rockers, outsiders, who managed to make it far.

– We are punk rockers and outsiders. We are protected witnesses. Heavenly deliverers. Servants of truth. Now, not to exaggerate, we are also lying, there is no man who does not make mistakes, but it is good that you can figure it out. It’s good that you can ask yourself who you are. That’s good. Only that strength, effort, which is resistance to nothing, to an emptiness, to some form, and you can’t fill the emptiness, because the more you fill it, the bigger it gets, but you can eliminate it and little by little give yourself and always, something will happen. So, to be who you are. On the way to the truth, we burn in the lies we live in – says the famous musician.

Photo: Vladimir Šporčić / Tanjug

Zoran Kostić Cana

It seems that as a society we are further away from the essence of life, people are ready to step over each other in the face of numerous challenges…

– Well, yes, but it’s always like that. There used to be drugs and alcohol, so whoever got hooked on that is gone. These are all temptations given to you to get to know yourself. Getting to know yourself is a big deal. Forgive yourself and thus forgive others. Beg for forgiveness. For what I am wearing, I am asking for mercy from heaven – says Cane, who is loved and appreciated by many and because he often tells the truth through a joke. As if the truth is easier to accept with a smile.

– That’s so. Now imagine that you are serious in your over-seriousness. That’s stupid. Someone said: “Well, don’t bother us, friend, turn it on…”. There are big problems and they need to be reduced to some reasonable size, and a joke is the best thing to do that. Tell your truth to a little one through a joke. Which is great where nothing true is said. But that’s how it is. One always thinks that it will be easier, until the end of the day, until the end of the night. And he always hopes, he trusts in his deceptive wit, that he will get away with it. But it has to be. Imagine if a man carried his burden all the time. Sometimes just by wearing it, he has to forget about it a little. It means that he gets a chance to rest, to inhale new strength. I think, so that people don’t misunderstand me, the more you lie, the worse you are. You don’t lie to others, you lie to yourself. But that’s how it is. There is no man who does not make mistakes, right?

Party breakers

Photo: Robert Getel / RAS Serbia

Party breakers

If we consider that everyone is looking for their own way to freedom, Canet’s way is music, and he started rock and roll early…

– Or rock and roll started dealing with me. Since I didn’t choose it, now, like me, I’m going to be someone… So, I felt it. I remember, I play that “Electric Ladyland”, I turn it off and lie on the floor of the room, and I am carried by the hope of a natural phenomenon called Jimi Hendrix. Or you play the first “Stones”, and suddenly you jump, and you don’t know that you know you’re going to jump, and you even like yourself, and you don’t know why. You’ll only explain that in a hundred years… Love for music, love for music. That’s a big deal. Imagine. Better that than anything else… at least for me.

That big thing was felt, say those in the know, even 40 years ago, at the first concert of “Breakers”.

– We were the opening group for “Fifties”. No one else had done it before us, we immediately started some improvisations, strange tones from Anton’s guitar, Manzo playing the drums like no one had played before… just to stay in rhythm, not to fall apart. So, take a breath and emerge. That’s so. The first and third concerts were in Dadovo. Monday, three bands. I think that when we played with the “Fifties” there were two bands… we were the first and we even went out for an encore. We have always had encores. Actually, not always, it depends, sometimes we are neither for listening nor for watching. When you asked me a little while ago about my love for music, you know how, sometimes when you go on that stage and the enthusiasm of the audience, it’s like you’re going out for an encore. And then the whole concert is one big encore.

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