We met Brazil fans in Doha

We met Brazil fans in Doha
We met Brazil fans in Doha

Where there are Serbs, there are immediately Brazilians. It didn’t take much for us to hurt the Brazilian fans after the Serbian ones.

They say that they slept a little longer, so they just started arriving in the fan zone in Doha. They gladly agreed to speak for the Serbian Kurir, they were delighted when we told them that we were journalists from Serbia.

They predicted the result of tonight’s match between Serbia and Brazil. We did not like the end result, because the Brazilians claim that they will beat us 3:0 and that Neymar will score a hat-trick, i.e. score three goals.

When we asked them if they knew our players, they said that we have a very good team and footballers, and that they would like Serbia to be second in the group and to advance to the next stage.

At the end, they treated us to a Brazilian fan song and warmed up the atmosphere, which is slowly but surely growing in Doha before the match between Serbia and Brazil.

Special reporters from Qatar: Dejan Ignjatović, Aleksandar Radonić and Dado Đilas


The article is in Serbian

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