A strong connection with republican institutions is required

Željka Cvijanović - Photo: SRNA

Željka CvijanovićPhoto: SRNA

– Small places like Berković deserve full attention, they deserve a local government that will know how to turn to the republican authorities, which, unfortunately, is not the case now and the citizens are suffering because of it. We came to show good will, but also to explain to the citizens that we are there for them for their needs, but that it is necessary for them to cooperate – said Cvijanović.

She pointed out that her main task as a Serbian member of the BiH Presidency will be to protect the position of Republika Srpska and its interests, for which the Constitution has given mechanisms to act in that way.

– My position is very clear, Republika Srpska has its rights, it draws its rights and they must be protected. People who have been elected to positions must behave in accordance with the protection of those rights – said Cvijanović.

The holder of the SNSD list for the National Assembly of Republika Srpska in Constituency Nine, Luka Petrović, told journalists before the forum that Berković deserves better and can do better, and that this time they should choose the right list for the National Assembly, the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament, as well as the winning the tandem of Milorad Dodik for the President of Srpska and Željko Cvijanović for the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency.

– The people of Berković will see what it means to have a real government, a government that is working, hard-working, and not the government that talks, introduces a reign of terror in Berković, does not allow the people freedom of movement, and everyone knows what I’m talking about – said Petrović.

The SNSD candidate for President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, also attended the forum in Berkovići.

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