Shakira and Miley Cyrus released songs dedicated to their exes Gerard Pique and Liam Hemsworth

Shakira and Miley Cyrus released songs dedicated to their exes Gerard Pique and Liam Hemsworth
Shakira and Miley Cyrus released songs dedicated to their exes Gerard Pique and Liam Hemsworth

Shakira, 45, has been on the sidelines since it was revealed in 2022 that she and longtime partner Gerard Pique, 35, had ended their 12-year relationship. After the joint announcement about the breakup, which, according to the famous athlete, was published without his knowledge, the singer handled everything that befell her with dignity – at least that’s how it looked in public, which she must have paid a lot of attention to.

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Behind the scenes, it could be heard that Shakira is very bothered by the new relationship of the ex-Barcelona footballer with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marta, who previously worked in his company. It was rumored that Pike had cheated on the music star with this girl, but this has not been proven.

The singer allegedly demanded from her former partner, with whom she has sons Milan and Sasha, not to appear in public with her new partner a year after their breakup.

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Said but not heeded. Pique let everyone know that he has no intention of hiding his new relationship. “I’m in love and I’ve moved on, period,” he seemed to say from the public pictures he shared with Clara.

During his recent video interview in which he participated, Clara was also seen. The relationship quickly grew into a life together. The picture of this couple with the boys Milan and Sasha did not manage to turn the story in a different direction and it still remained in force that they were former partners in a great war. In support of this was their difficult fight over the custody of the children. Shakira kicked out her family and took the children to Miami, while Pique was given the right to see the children whenever he wanted.

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Shakira’s triumphant smile as she left the building in Barcelona where she and her lawyers were negotiating with the other side spoke volumes, as did Pique’s sullen face.

The moody PikePhoto: Profimedia

But the new song said even more.

The four-minute pop track “Out of Your League” is the first collaboration between Shakira and Bizarepo, an Argentinian producer and DJ. The hit broke the record on YouTube, so the singer found herself in a prestigious group of Latin artists who managed to do it, along with Jay Balvin, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Shakira says in the song that “it’s worth it for two 22-year-old girls” and compares everything that happened to her on the love front, i.e. Pike’s love choices, to switching from “Ferrari to Renault Twingo” and “from Rolex to Casio”. It is clear who Ferrari is , and who is Casio in this story. The question is how the aforementioned brands “on the negative side” will react.

Shakira in a new music videoPhoto: Profimedia

Pike, who has been more or less silent about his ex-partner, said that Cassio lasts a lifetime. Things have become even more interesting, and we are waiting for an answer to her criticism of his training technique because, as the song says, “he spends a lot of time in the gym, but your (his) brain needs a little exercise too.”

Through the lyrics, Shakira also says that she was left behind and that the people around her found out about everything first, and finally she herself.

This is not the first time that the singer has said through the song what fans want from the news of her breakup with Pike. In October of last year, she published “Monotonia” whose lyrics read: “You left me because of your narcissism. You forgot who you were. You distanced yourself with your attitude and that worried me.”

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No mention of Pike’s name, no mention of Clara by name, and a more direct response than a new song could not have happened. And not only that. The song provides many more opportunities for “revenge”. Imagine if Shakira had said all of these lines while commenting on her ex-partner and his new girlfriend.

A more “elegant” answer is a much better solution, although some will say that comparing one woman, even her ex-husband’s lover, to Cassia and Renault in an extremely negative context is a little too much.

But there is no doubt that Shakira’s main target was Pique.

A day after Shakira’s song, Miley Cyrus’ new song “Flowers” was released, which many say is dedicated to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, whom she divorced in 2018 after two years of marriage.

Miley pleased her fans with a new track after a long time, and the time gap between her and Shakira’s hits contributed to the songs being even more noticed. A woman’s response to adultery and betrayal, the power of women’s revenge songs, a way to express emotions and face a problem… everything could even turn into a kind of movement or trend if a song with a similar theme appears soon or social networks start to be obsessed songs about exes.

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Cyrus also showed that she has a perfect sense of timing, so she released the song on her ex-husband’s birthday. The track talks about their former shared home in Malibu, which burned down in a fire a few days ago.

Maybe someone has forgotten the unpleasant moments of the former couple from the red carpet, but Miley has not, so she deals with them in the track.

She confirmed indirectly with the song that Liam left her even though she didn’t want it, as it was speculated, and that she didn’t want to lie and that she cried because of the two of them.

Hemsworth suddenly filed for divorce in 2019, and that same year, during a joint interview for “Access” on the red carpet, he walked away from her while she was twerking and told her to stop. What kind of support for a husband in public, right?

Pike and Liam also showed up, really well. What they asked for, they got.

Miley Cyrus in a new music videoPhoto: Profimedia

The essence is not even in revenge itself. They say that as long as you worship someone, you allow them to have control over you.

But some things need to be said. It’s better to say than to keep it suppressed and hurt yourself. Why would both Shakira and Miley keep quiet when Pike has been recklessly showing how happy he is in his new relationship for months and when Liam publicly showed his intolerance towards Miley and surprised her with the decision to divorce? And why not turn everything to their advantage and record songs that became instant hits? By the way, they don’t really need a breakup or a divorce to have tracks, but it can’t hurt…

When you end a relationship and turn to a new love, do it in a fair way. Nothing easier in theory, nothing rarer in practice.

And if you are already deciding to settle accounts, a song is not a bad solution. Do it primarily for yourself, say what’s on your mind and move on. The “revenge” of Miley Cyrus and the even fiercer “revenge” of Shakira had to be heard by the whole planet because they are world stars, but Pike and Liam knew that well, didn’t they?

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