You will lose the right to the name, stadium and coat of arms

The Assembly of the Partizan Football Club, as the highest body of the club, made a decision that the club conditionally withdraw from the membership of the Yugoslav Sports Association Partizan, and on this occasion the JSD announced.

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The press release of the Yugoslav Sports Association Partizan is transmitted in its entirety.

Football club Partizan is a club of all partisans, not a club of two people who think they can do whatever they want with it. FK Partizan is no one’s private property, but there are legal norms regulated by the Statute of JSD Partizan, in which way any club can withdraw from the Association (Art. 24, paragraph 1 allows withdrawal from the Association but according to predetermined procedures and with predetermined consequences) .

To begin with, every club that wants to withdraw from JSD Partizan is obliged to obtain the consent of the Society for such a thing (Article 19, paragraph 2, item 20) but also to conclude an agreement on disaffiliation with the Board of JSD Partizan. In this way, mutual relations concerning the material and financial nature are regulated, as well as deadlines for the fulfillment of mutual claims are determined (Art. 24, Paragraph 8). According to the Law on Sports (Art. 78, Paragraph 7), any status change in a Sports Association that is made contrary to the law is legally null and void. The same law prescribes the obligation of a sports association that participates in a status change to prepare a financial report, and an auditor’s report is also required (Art. 79).

It is a curiosity that these provisions were entered into the Statute of JSD Partizan at the 55th session of the Society’s Assembly, which was held on March 31, 2017. which he presided over Milorad Vučelić. It was Vučelić who proposed these changes with the explanation that in this way the Statute is harmonized with the Law on Sports from 2016. At the same time, it was the last Assembly held until September 12, 2022.

It should be noted that Partizan’s stadium is owned by JSD Partizan and can only be used by members of the Association. A club that withdraws from the Association loses the right to use the common name “Partizan” and the coat of arms of JSD Partizan (Art. 24, paragraph 7), and thus the right to use common property.

We remind you that the Assembly of JSD Partizan, where the new leadership was elected by a large majority of votes, was held in accordance with the law, in front of media representatives in Humska 1. Therefore, the new leadership should be considered both legal and legitimate, regardless of the fact that such a situation does not suit individuals.

According to all the above, no conditional withdrawal of any club from JSD Partizan is legally possible, both according to the Law on Sports and according to the Statute of the Society. What is possible is for people in positions to deviate from them if they want to. Due to the arbitrariness of individuals, the entire Society cannot be divided“, stated in the announcement of JSD Partizan.

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