Grandfather (92) knocked out three attackers

An incredible video of a street fight went around the entire planet.

In front of the entrance to a “McDonald’s” in Great Britain, a fight broke out in which a former 92-year-old boxer played the leading role.

Several people attacked the blanket, unaware that it was ready to strike back.


GRANDFATHER (92) ATTACKED THREE MANGUPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! They had no idea that they were messing with a former boxer, KNOCKOUTS were lined up like on tape

The confrontation lasted several minutes, and the vital old man managed to knock out the two attackers. He sent two to the floor on a couple of occasions and did not give up. He liked the fight, so he returned each time to finish the job.

In the end, he ran out of strength a little, so a guy managed to knock him down, but unlike his rivals, the grandfather quickly got back to his feet.

One woman persistently tried to stop the fight, but the warlike blanket pushed her away, he wanted to show the mongooses who they found him hanging out with.

The description of the video, which has set social media alight, states that the old man is 92 years old and was a former professional boxer, but his name has not been released.

Many users of social networks expressed their doubt that this man is really that old, because he is incredibly mobile and strong for his age.

One thing is for sure, he taught a lesson to those much younger than him…

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