Madonna showed her face without makeup and filters!

Madonna showed her face without makeup and filters!
Madonna showed her face without makeup and filters!

Madonna has shown what she looks like without a hint of makeup on her face after coming under fire from critics and ugly comments about her appearance.

After shocking her appearance lately, pop queen Madonna has decided to answer all the naysayers and critics who accuse her of constantly using filters on the photos she posts of herself, and now she has released an unedited video to show what she really looks like.

64-year-old Madonna shared the video on TikTok, in which she appeared without a trace of makeup on her face. However, it may not have been the best move because her fans still maintained that she looks unnatural and unusual, which is clearly the result of excessive visits to cosmetic corrections and surgeries.


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“Oh my God, oh my God, why did you do that?” Madonna says in the published video, in which she appears after a few moments with makeup on to show the difference.

“Is this some kind of horror?”, “Is that Madonna?”, “Why can’t people accept getting old?”, “Yeah, why did you do that,” “Please don’t do it anymore,” “Why are you pretending to be Mickey Rourke?”, “Are you okay?”, “Jesus, what is this?”, are just some of the comments she received.

Madonna was otherwise a big opponent of plastic surgeries, and now she cannot live without them, which she proves with every new post on social networks. Although she did not talk about cosmetic surgery, it is obvious that she went under the knife several times, and in addition to her appearance, Madonna has been shocking fans for the past few months with her nude releases on social networks.

Indecent videos and photos in which the singer poses in a provocative edition angered her fans, and many people blame her for it, and many write to her that she is no longer the person she was, and that she has changed, unfortunately, for the worse.


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