The killer boy insists every day to be released, but the chances of that are practically nil


The boy murderer was imprisoned for his crime in a special institution, in isolation. As “Blic” already wrote, doctors are conducting a whole battery of expertise and additional diagnostics on him. All this time he shows no remorse, he is cool and calm and did not ask to contact anyone. And he asked questions before: “When do I go out?” and “What are the repercussions of what I’ve done?”, but in the last few days he’s gotten stronger and is pressuring the doctors to release him – which, of course, is out of the question.

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“HE CONSTANTLY ASKS WHEN HE’S GOING TO BE FREE” Boy killer convinced he’s “coming out soon” and asks SCARY QUESTIONS

The killer boy asks the doctors every day the question “am I going out today”, commenting that “there is no more reason for him to be here”, because “all examinations have been completed. On the other hand, the doctors believe that the killer boy is still a danger to the environment and that there is the possibility of repeating the same or similar criminal act, if he has the opportunity.

– No one can rule out that huge risk – says the interlocutor of “Blic” who is familiar with the case.

“Monsters Will Never Come Out”

Judging by the statements and attitudes of representatives of state authorities, there is no chance that the killer boy’s wish will ever come true. Aleksandar Vučić, the president of Serbia, in the days after the mass murders in Belgrade and in the vicinity of Mladenovac, said that “those monsters (…) will never come out” and that the people of Serbia should know that, as well as that “there will be justice”.

Vučić said that he is aware that there will be condemnation if he interferes with the judiciary, but that since he is already being called all kinds of derogatory names, that is irrelevant.

– No, you will kill children and go for a walk. And you say: yes, you would take away our children… How ignorant you are of the tragedy committed in this country – said Vučić.

Photo: TV Nova / screenshot

Slobodan Negić, father of the murdered girl

Slobodan Negić, the father of the girl Sofija (14) who was killed in the Elementary School “Vladislav Ribnikar”, stated in “Utisk Nedelje” that he had discussed this topic with the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health.

– When asked what will happen to the perpetrator of the crime, I saw in the Secretary of State a very human, sincere intention to do everything to ensure that the perpetrator never leaves the closed institution – said Negić.

The killer boy is a mystery even to the doctors

Meanwhile, the murderous boy continues to confound the doctors who encounter him. It is clear why: he is the worst mass murderer in the history of the world at that age – no child under the age of 14 has ever killed as many people as he did.

Based on all the information, experts firmly believe that the killer boy for some reason does not have an important personality component, the so-called superego, formed.

According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, the superego is the ethical component of one’s personality that gives a person moral standards on the basis of which he behaves. The superego develops mostly during the first five years of life and during that period the child absorbs the moral standards of his parents, the traditions of the family and the society in which he grows up. In this way, a superego is formed in him, which controls aggression and other socially undesirable impulses.

When a child has a properly developed superego, he feels guilt or anxiety when violating ethical standards. In boy killers, that doesn’t exist! He feels no guilt, no emotions – neither positive nor negative towards his friends. He is completely calm and doesn’t even get sedatives, because he doesn’t even need them.

Doctors examine the relationship between the killer boy and his mother

As “Blic” learns, the doctors will, as is usual in these cases, specifically examine the boy’s relationship with his mother and whether there are certain negative emotions in this 13-year-old.

According to the data available so far, the mother did spartanly force the boy to be better than others in school and beyond, although this can never be the only and main reason why the boy, conditionally speaking, “broke”. There are many hyperambitious parents in Serbia, so their children are not mass murderers.

Certainly, the tests determined that the killer boy had average intelligence and was not a “genius”, as his parents presented and addressed him, and as was first thought considering the studiousness with which he planned mass murder.

The mother, interviewed by the police, claims that she knew nothing

The mother of the killer boy, a scientist and professor at the university, was questioned on Wednesday at the Police Department for the city of Belgrade. As reported by the Belgrade media, she stated that no one could have guessed that her son would commit a mass murder.

Father of the killer boy

Photo: Mitar Mitrović / Ringier

Father of the killer boy

The boy’s father was taken into custody earlier and detained, while the mother is at large. Ex officio, the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade formed a case related to the massacre in the elementary school “Vladimir Ribnikar” in order to determine whether the actions of the mother contain the elements of a criminal offense. Specifically, the criminal offense of “neglect and abuse of a minor” from Art. 193 of the Criminal Code.

The City Center for Social Work was ordered to perform a diagnostic assessment of the functioning of the family of the killer boy and to submit a report to the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as to determine whether the family was previously in the records of that authority. If the mother’s responsibility is determined, she faces three years in prison.

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