The situation is dangerous, but for Putin; “The Russians will remove him”

The situation is dangerous, but for Putin; “The Russians will remove him”
The situation is dangerous, but for Putin; “The Russians will remove him”

The former Croatian ambassador in Moscow, Boo Kovaevi, believes that the current situation in Russia is very dangerous for several reasons.

Source: Free Dalmatia Friday, 23.09.2022. | 13:52 -> 21:55


It is dangerous for peace and security in Europe, further Putin announced in his speech the escalation of the war in Ukraine, and at the same time this situation is dangerous for the internal situation in Russia itself, because it is obvious that the inhabitants of Russia can no longer behave as if they are at war in There is no Ukraine, it is Kovaev’s opinion.

He adds that this situation is also dangerous for Putin himself, whom he says was once a very rational and responsible politician.

“The fact that he has been in power for a long time and the fact that he has surrounded himself with diplomats has obviously contributed to this change in Putin’s mind, which means that he has begun to lose his sense of reality,” says the former Croatian ambassador.

According to his words, Putin, based on the example of the wars fought by the USA in the past, wanted a conflict in such a way that the consequences of that war would not be felt by the inhabitants of Russia in their daily life. “However, Putin’s blitzkrieg did not succeed and it did not succeed in the intention of making it a military operation lasting several days”, Kovaevi said.

He adds that Putin did not count on this much help from the West to Ukraine, which could never win on its own.

Asked to comment on the mobilization ordered by Putin, the former ambassador says that until the last moment, Putin refused. “That is why there are now riots in Russia, which do not suit the Kremlin at all. the more Putin is aware of the defeat in Ukraine, the more nervous he will become and ready to destroy everything that can be destroyed in Ukraine. At the same time, he is carrying out repression within Russia itself against all those who oppose him. Refusal to mobilize would be punishable by long prison sentences”, says Kovaevi.

But he insists that open repression is the last means of defending the regime, it will work as long as the regime wins. “When the regime starts to lose, that apparently started to happen in Russia, then those who supported Putin, because they were afraid of him, start to renounce him”, says Kovaevi.

He also believes that the Russian president can be expected to make more irrational decisions. “The announcement of a partial mobilization speaks in favor of the fact that he does not have complete control. “If it were his opinion, there would be no such partial mobilization, because he is very aware of what such a mobilization can do to him within Russia itself,” he says.

However, as he adds, Putin has gone from being the most loved politician to the most hated one.

“Russians were proud of Putin, but he turned into a president who should be ashamed. Since the very beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, there has been speculation about how and when Putin will leave power. However, it must be clear to everyone that he will not admit defeat even when defeat is certain. At some point, the Russians will simply disown him and ‘remove’ him from power”, concludes Boo Kovaevi.

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