Vedrana Rudan was involved in the Croatian national team and the World Cup

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Vedrana Rudan often criticizes and comments on current personalities and events, and this time she touched on the World Cup, which is being held in Qatar, and the players of the Croatian national team, to whom she gave a series of negative epithets in her latest post on her blog.

The writer published a text in which she criticized the Croatian football team, the current championship and the Croatian people, all in the form of a dialogue with her grandson Kreša, who ran away from class because his teacher forced him to watch the match between Croatia and Morocco.

Vedrana Rudan
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Rudan was unpleasantly surprised by what was happening in the school premises, so she told her grandson: “Have I told you a hundred times that football players are retarded, crooked-legged, man-loving, billionaires that this stupid people look up to because we live in a disturbed world? Croatian men and women thirty years in this dream of the earth, they starve and dig in containers, and then when ours play, they cry when they win or die of sadness when they lose,” she wrote.

She continued with her criticism of the Croatian national football team, whose players she also called “mercenaries”, and the hosts Qatar were not left without Vedrana’s “packa”.

Croatia, Morocco
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“Those monkeys are neither Croatia nor ours, they are mercenaries who put huge money in their pockets because the world is such a w*ck. Did I tell you that I will disown you if you ever watch football? You think I’m kidding ? And they still play in Qatar. You know that every day a photo of one of the wives of the head of Qatar pops up on the Internet, and our portals are still talking about how she is a female style icon. I don’t care about the sixth wife of the head of Qatar, who cares what kind earrings grandma wears…”, she wrote in her blog


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Chinese products for the World Cup in Qatar


Chinese products for the World Cup in Qatar



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