Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 23: Leo plays with fire and there will be problems in bed, Gemini creates chaos at work

Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 23: Leo plays with fire and there will be problems in bed, Gemini creates chaos at work
Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 23: Leo plays with fire and there will be problems in bed, Gemini creates chaos at work


Work: A rather calm and relaxed day is ahead for Aries, so it is expected that they will bring their planned obligations to a satisfactory end.

Love: Pay special attention to a possible meeting with a person you haven’t seen for a long time, who could throw you into a serious dilemma.

Health: Take care of a regular and proper diet.


Work: All in all, Bulls welcome the end of this working week rather tired, and with the feeling that they could have done much more.

Love: You know how to approach a dear person in the right way and give the right advice, a kind word, and for these reasons do not be stingy.

Health: You would enjoy spending time in nature, taking a walk.


Work: Make sure that your otherwise good start to the working day is not spoiled by disagreements with the business environment. Be tactful and patient.

Love: The day is perfect for you to enjoy mutual attention with a loved one and devote yourself to some joint activities or travel somewhere.

Health: Get enough sleep.


Work: This Friday, here is an opportunity for Cancers to take a break when it comes to the volume of work, and to finish all the planned obligations on time and correctly.

Love: Show enough patience and understanding when it comes to the other party’s wishes and needs, don’t be passive.

Health: Control the work of the endocrine system.


Business: Leos have set high goals in their business plan today. Go ahead, you will manage to implement most of them.

Love: Beware of minor or major intrigue related to your love life.

Health: Take care of a regular and proper diet.

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Work: There is a certain possibility that some detail will come up that is not foreseen in your realistic plans, so you will need a little extra time for additional reorganization so that in the end everything is at a satisfactory level.

Love: A great day is ahead of you if you have decided to reveal some love plans to a loved one, and thus raise the current partnership story to a higher level.

Health: Very good.


Work: If you happen to be overwhelmed with obligations, do not hesitate to ask for help with some details from a trusted person from your close environment.

Love: A great day awaits you on the love front, which means that you should relax and enjoy yourself.

Health: Get enough sleep.


Work: There are no obstacles on the professional path for most Scorpios if they are well organized. A lot of energy today can be taken away by unfinished paperwork, documentation.

Love: Try not to further complicate an already complicated story with your contribution, in order to avoid potential disappointment.

Health: Possible headache.


Work: There are no major challenges and obstacles on the professional front for most Sagittarius. You end this working week in a good mood and satisfied with the results.

Love: You could be particularly happy with a friend’s invitation to go out and hang out. It’s Friday, time to relax.

Health: You need relaxation.


Work: An increased volume of work, primarily in the field of communication and organization, is in front of the Capricorns this Friday. There is no reason to worry, because persistence and hard work produce results.

Love: Assess the situation and circumstances well before taking the next step, but don’t back down.

Health: No significant warnings.


Work: Favorable circumstances will accompany Aquarians this Friday as well, so it is recommended that you primarily bring the started activities to an end, and there will be time for new initiatives in the coming days.

Love: Socializing with mutual friends would please you. Going out or at home doesn’t matter, what matters is that you relax and feel good.

Health: Relax mentally and physically enough.


Work: Rely on the friendly help of trusted people, especially when it comes to possible oversights or possible misunderstandings with the business environment.

Love: In all probability, Pisces should relax and enjoy themselves as much as possible in accordance with their seductive dreamy nature.

Health: Meteoropathic reactions.

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