Ivana Knoll caught with a boyfriend whom she hides from the public

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Ivana Knoll has been staying in Qatar since the beginning of the World Cup, where she constantly cheered on the Croatian national team. After Croatia won third place in the match against Morocco, she celebrated in the stands with a mysterious partner.

The mysterious Ante Ivan hides from the public, but now the cameras caught them together in the stands, when they least expected it.

Ivana currently has 3.2 million followers on Instagram, which she got because of her provocative photos and skimpy outfits with Croatian flag motifs. And while many even resent her, Ivana still won the title of the most beautiful cheerleader in the world. Every day she is surrounded by fans and media, and many men wait in line to get a photo with the handsome Knoll.

Ivana Knol
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However, few people know the love life of this attractive cheerleader. Although she has never been seen in the stands with a man, it is known that she has been kissing entrepreneur Ante for years, who is allegedly the director of an Istrian company engaged in real estate construction. This is proven by Ivana’s photos in front of a luxurious villa with a swimming pool in the village of Kringa in Istria, where she often stayed while in Croatia.

But another detail betrays her. Namely, if you scroll through Ivana’s Instagram profile a couple of years ago, you will see that all the joint photos with Ante are still published.

It seems that the couple most often shared moments from their travels, and the first published photo of them dates back to 2014. Among other things, together they visited Brazil, Budapest, Lisbon, Disneyland and Oktoberfest in Munich.

That Ivana has always had a passion for football is proven by a photo from the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, where she was also accompanied by a mysterious boyfriend.

The last published photo together was from 2017, when many began to wonder why he no longer shows it. Then she discovered that her boyfriend does not want to expose himself publicly, but that he often takes photos of her and that he does not mind her naked photos.

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