The famous tennis player avoided shaking hands with Djokovic, and earlier he also showed that Novak is NOT SYMPATHETIC to him /PHOTO/

Roger Federer’s farewell from active playing is the central event of the Laver Cup, where, along with the Swiss, there are also two players with whom he fought the biggest battles during his career, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

The Serbian tennis player played two matches, he defeated Tiafao, and then in doubles with Berretini and Minaur and Soka, and right after that match there was a controversial moment on the bench of the defeated World Team.

After the meeting, the Serbian tennis player said goodbye to the opponent at the net, after which he went to the opponent’s area, where he did the same with all the members of the other team. He said goodbye to almost everyone, and there is talk about the reaction of the Americans Tommy Paul, who turned around when he was supposed to say goodbye to Novak.


This situation caused a lot of controversy.

The video shows that Djokovic, after saying goodbye to Tijafo, went to the bench of Team Sveta, where he said goodbye to McEnroe, and then to all the other members. Tommy Paul’s reaction went around social networks, many see this as disrespect for the Serbian tennis player.

When you look at the history of their relationship, it stands out that they have never played against each other until now, but they are connected by a tweet by Nick Kyrgios from two years ago. The announcement in question was made after the disqualification of the Serbian tennis player from the US Open, and then the Australian publicly asked how much he would have been fined if he had deliberately hit the linesman with the ball – which Novak was blamed for. He then offered a survey and options: five, ten and 20 years of suspension.

That’s where Tommy Paul comes in. The American was one of those who called, and he said “now we would collect bail for you”. With that, Paul obviously sided with Kyrgios and indirectly showed that the Serbian tennis player is not overly nice to him.

VIDEO Federer: Sometimes it’s good to cry



Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has finished his career, and he wrote many pages of history during 24 years of playing this sport. Although, in some ways, he is better than both Djokovic and Nadal.



In the days of Roger Federer’s farewell from tennis, Marion Bartoli believes that Novak Djokovic will have the best career of the “big three” players.



The tennis players of the “big three” play together in the European Team at the Laver Cup in London, where their opponent is the World Team and they support each other a lot.

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