The British woman showed her bare breasts, because of this they would have stoned her in Qatar: the World Cup is the reason for the video from the EP to become a hit again /VIDEO/

The “famous” scene is in the spotlight again.

The strict rules in Qatar also affected a large number of English fans who traveled to the World Cup, and a video of a period when they were quite debauched, at last year’s European Championship, is popular again on the Internet.

Namely, in that old video, you can see an England cheerleader who, at the group’s persuasion, showed her bare breasts.

It is unlikely that the same situation will occur in Qatar, where Sharia law applies, which is particularly strict when it comes to women. Sex outside of marriage is prohibited in this country, and Qatari laws are such that for sexual relations with a person you are not married to, you can be imprisoned for up to seven years! The police will arrest you for much less, because kissing and holding hands are also prohibited… For illicit sexual relations, the punishment is whipping, and for courting or communicating with a married woman, a prison sentence can follow!

Article 88 of the Qatari Criminal Code stipulates that the punishment for adultery is 100 lashes, and in 2006 a Filipino woman was sentenced to that punishment. In 2010, at least 18 people (mostly foreign nationals) were sentenced to between 40 and 100 lashes for crimes involving “illicit sexual relations” or alcohol consumption.

Because of all this, warnings are very important, especially for foreign fans, so that they don’t accidentally break some of the strict laws, especially related to male-female relationships, considering that seemingly cute and harmless courtship can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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A serious injury to the goalkeeper of the Iranian national team caused a long interruption in the match between England and Iran at the beginning of the second day of the World Cup in Qatar.


Incredible scenes took place before the start of the England-Iran match at the World Cup in Qatar.

English fan in Qatar (photo: TalkSport/Youtube)


Although Qatar has banned the sale of alcohol during matches, resourceful fans of the England national team managed to get alcohol, and they shared their crazy story with the journalists of “TalkSport”.

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