Mirka Federer broke off her engagement with the Sultan because of Roger, then dominated his life – News – Life

Mirka Federer broke off her engagement with the Sultan because of Roger, then dominated his life – News – Life
Mirka Federer broke off her engagement with the Sultan because of Roger, then dominated his life – News – Life

Mirka Federer, the wife of the famous Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, is considered a very influential woman, both in Switzerland and in the world.

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Although she is in the public eye, not much is known about Mirka’s life, except that she also played tennis and had an exciting love life before she met Federer. And it is also known that in their marriage she asks about everything, so it is not a surprise that in 2021 she forbade Roger to play in the Australian Open Championship, even though he is not injured!?

Mirka, aka Miroslava Vavrincova, was born in 1978 in what was then Czechoslovakia, and moved to Switzerland from Slovakia when she was only two years old. During her teenage years, she met Martina Navratilova and started playing tennis at her encouragement.

However, there were no significant results in tennis, and the highest ranking she had, which was also the peak of her career, was in 2001, when she was ranked 76th among the best players in the world.

Until 2002, Mirka was a professional tennis player, and then she left tennis due to a foot injury.



An interesting love story follows Mirka and Roger. It is interesting that Mirka is four years older than Roger, and the couple met in 2000 at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

They embarked on a romance, although at that time Roger was unaware that Mirka was actually engaged at that moment to a rich Arab sultan. When she realized that she was in love with Roger, Mirka broke off the engagement.

“Roger was my greatest comfort during those eight months of recovery from injury. He gave me back my tennis life. When he was winning, it was as if I was winning,” said Mirka once.

Their first meeting was sponsored by Swiss Olympians who said that they all knew that Roger liked Mirka, and to help them get to know each other better, they locked them in a room together. Mirka didn’t like Federer at first, and in an interview he gave to the Guardian in 2016, he said that Mirka thought he was too young for her.

“You’re so young,” she said when he kissed her for the first time, and he replied that he was eighteen and a half. Mirka’s comment to that was, “Okay, you’re a baby.”

Nine years after meeting, in 2009, the couple got married and today they have four children, twins Mila and Charlene and twins Leo and Lenny.

As she keeps up with her husband at tournaments, Mirka is the target of paparazzi and journalists almost constantly. Even the public criticized her for her appearance, and it was rumored that she had put on a few extra kilos. However, she managed to lose weight and thus stood in the way of all the negative comments.



Roger cares that his wife is always satisfied, and last year he declared that he was ready to give up everything:

– When Mirka gets tired of traveling, then I will stop – he said then.

Only a few photos from the wedding can be found on social networks, and Mirka wore a simple white wedding dress with a discreet silver belt at the ceremony, while the tennis player wore a black suit and white shirt.

It is also remembered that there was a conflict with Stan Wawrinka over Mirka. The Swiss national team could also suffer because of that.

Roger and Stan managed to overcome the problems and win the Davis Cup salad, but the matter threatened to escalate when Mirka threw Wawrinka in a match, a little earlier. The Masters was played in London, and teammates from the Davis Cup selection were rivals in the semi-finals.

Mirka called Stan a crybaby, which was followed by a milder verbal conflict. Federer won and then handed the final to Novak Djokovic.



However, after London, a problem remained for the Swiss coach Severin Luthi, who managed to solve it.

“Before the Davis Cup final, there was tension between them. However, before the decisive match, while we were on the train to Lille, Stan smiled. We all pretended there were no problems in order to achieve our goal and win. They complemented each other very well,” he said. is angry.

In addition, many were against the relationship between Mirka and Roger.

“He asked us if he should start seeing Mirko,” Federer’s former coach Sven Gruneveld revealed to the “Tennisnet” portal, writes Blitz.

He received an answer that most young men his age would have received.

“We told him that we were against it because he was young and should have enjoyed his freedom. Seen from the current point of view, he still made the right decision, of course. On top of all that, Roger learned to control his emotions with Mirka,” Gruneveld added. who was with Federer from 2000 to 2003.

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