VASKO ZABATA ON THE GUITAR! INTERNET MYSTERY! Serbia obsessed with the words of the Bulgarian song

Photo: Youtube print screen

Hardly anyone has been on Tik-Tok these days without hearing a complete hit by Bulgarian singer Vasko Zabata. The song has been known in Bulgaria for years, but Tik-tok “brought” the trend to the surface, and that in the middle of Serbia. Many are making tiktoks to this song.

This is a hit by the Bulgarian Roma band “Kamcia Orkestar”, which is originally called “Combine – Thresher”.

“Vasko the frog is playing the guitar, dear guests, just for you” – in translation it means: “Vasko the frog is on the guitar, he will play, dear guests, just for you.

Then Ceca is mentioned in the song, but not the one we are used to.

“Ceca meccata on the microphone, you are singing, dear guests, just for you”, meaning in translation: “Ceca the bear is on the microphone, she will sing, dear guests, just for you”.

Listen to the whole song here, and let us know in the comments if it’s “infectious” for you too?

Or maybe you react like this when you hear it:


The article is in Serbian

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